Places of Interest

Khajuraho is a world heritage site around 40 km from chhatarpur.
Dhubela, a museum 15 km from Chhatarpur.
Jatashankar, a holy place near Bijawar.
Bhimkund, a natural water tank and a holy place near Bajna.
Gangau dam, a huge structure built at the confluence of two rivers, namely the Simiri River and Ken River (a prominent river of Bundelkhand), near Khajuraho, around 18 km away.
Raneh Falls, the only waterfall in Asia having igneous rock. It is around 17 km from Khajuraho.
Hanuman Tauria, a Hanuman temple.
Bambar Baini, Ancient temple of maa Durga on a hill in Lavkushnagar.
Pandav Falls, close to Khajuraho, Pandavas said to have sought shelter here during exile.
Hanuman Mandir, temple of Hanuman on a hill in Lavkushnagar.