About District

It is the website of Chhatarpur district administration. Chhatarpur is one among 52 district in State of Madhya Pradesh in india. In Chhatarpur district there are 6 Sub-divisions, 11 Tehsil, 8 Janpad Panchayat , 3 Muncipality and 12 Muncipal Council..

Chhatarpur is situated in the north eastern border of the state of Madhya Pradesh . It came into existence in 1956.

Chhatarpur is located within 24.06′ to 25.20′ North latitude and 78.59′ to 80.26′ East longitude. It comprises of an area of 8687 sq km. According to 1991 census, the total population of Chhatarpur is 11,58,076. Out of it 6,23,878 are males and the number of females is 5,34,198.

Cultivation of crops like paddy, wheat and jowar is practiced in the district of Chhatarpur. Good quality timber is also produced here.

The important tourist spots are

  • Chaunsat Yogini
  • Kandariya Mahadeo
  • Chitragupta Temple
  • Lakshmana Tample
  • Duladeo Temple
  • Chaturbhuj Temple