Vidhan Sabha by-election-2020

The data of all officers / employees needs to be fed online in regards of upcoming Vidhan sabha By-Election 2020.
Information of employees like EPIC number, assembly constituency name, polling station / part name and number, number in voter list, mobile number, full address of residence/ office, etc. should be entered.

Tutorial Video :
Portal/Website URL :
Excel format for Data Collection : form1   (101 kb)

According to the instructions given below, do the necessary corrections in the data.

Enter the information of all the officers / employees of the office including the head of the office.

After the completion of the information, the head of the office will submit the signed certificate and print the entered information with soft copy (Excel Format) to the Office of National Informatics Centre (NIC). Under no circumstances should a certificate be submitted with incomplete information.

Attach correct information of medical unfit, Divyang, transfer, suspension etc. with proof.

Enter correct information of date of birth / age. All details have to be filled in Hindi only.

Correct entry of residence and office of Vidhan Sabha.

Correct information of mobile number, account number, IFSC code.

Correct selection of permanent / temporary / contract employees.

Write the Posting Place correctly and clearly and completely.

Select the designation correctly. If no post is available then it can be added by the nodal login.

Select gender (male / female) carefully.

In the assembly elections, many errors related to gender selection were found.

Keeping all the above points in mind, improve the information of the office and submit the print along with the certificate.