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Chhattarpur District - Profile


Brief History

The District Chhatarpur was known after the name of the great warrior of the region Maharaja Chhatrasa. This District was previously under the then Vindhya Pradesh. However at the time of formation of the Madhya Pradesh, it was included in Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 1956.


Geographical Situation

The District is situated at North East border of Madhya Pradesh.   This District is spread over an Area of 8687 Square Kms. with longitudes and latitudes of 24.06 & 25.20 on North 78.59 - 80.26 on East respectively. The District is touched by Mohoba District (Uttar Pradesh) in the East, Tikamgarh (M.P.) in West and Sagar (M.P.) in South East.


As per the 1991 census, the total population of the district was 11,58,076 out of which 9,34,552 was rural population & 2, 23, 524 is urban. Out of total population 2,74,438 are sheduled caste and 43,482 are sceduled tribes. There are 6,23,878 males and 5,34,198 famales in the District. Total Literates in the District are 3,22,757 of which 2,33,500 are males and 89,257 females.




Administative Setup

For Administrative convenience, Chhatarpur District has been divided into 7 Tehsils, 8 Development Blocks and 558 Gram Panchayats. Total villages in the district are 1,192 of which 116 are deserted. There are 5 Assembly Constituencies and one Lok-Sabha Constituency.


Agriculture & Resources

The major crops of the Distcit are Wheat, Paddy and Jowar, Main vegetations are Jamun, Teak, Mahua, Kher and Achar. Total sown area of the District is 4,48,078.  Heotares and Net Irrigated Area is 1,46,217.  Total forest area of the district is 659.52 Sq.Kms. The Annual Avarage Rainfall of the District is 1000-1200 m.m. Pyrophite Dysphor, Okar and Chhui Mitti are the minerals found in the District.

Transport & Communication

The Railway Station is situated at Harpalpur on Jhansi Manikpur line and an Aerodrome is situated at Khajuraho.  The District also has a Telephone Exchange, a Radio Station, (All India Radio) and a Television Relay Centre.